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The key to maximizing manufacturing and distribution efficiency is to integrate your software platforms into a single source of truth. That’s why Datix designed our pre-built Unity integration applications to seamlessly connect front-office software with Epicor® ERP. 

Unity for HubSpot synchronizes data between your HubSpot and Epicor® instances to help you effectively manage leads, deals and orders without manual data entry. The Unity platforms for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically transfer accounts, invoices, shipments and more between your CRM and Epicor® systems, so you can maintain end-to-end accuracy.  

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In this demo, we show you how Unity seamlessly transfers accountsshipmentsopportunities and more between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Epicor® to optimize business performance.

Datix Unity for Microsoft Dynamics CRM



In this demo, we show you how Unity automatically syncs and updates contacts and deals between HubSpot and Epicor to accelerate quoting and order generation.

Datix Unity for Hubspot



In this demo, we show you how Unity seamlessly transfers opportunities, orders, shipments, invoices and more between Salesforce and Epicor to help you streamline processes.

Datix Unity for Salesforce